07 April 2013


One.  A store meeting at Starbucks for which I got paid but did not have to be in dress code, could eat and drink (free coffee!) while on the clock, and didn't have to work the customer service side of the job.  A welcome change in routine, because let's face it, sometimes a break in routine in nice (and fun?).  Also, my coworker in the typical tourist poses of holding the giant steaming kettle outside our store.

Two.  Pericles rehearsal.  But not any rehearsal, oh no.  An open rehearsal with baked goods and coffee (more free coffee!), followed by a full run of the show with all the designers present, and in which I was in my official backstage position for the first time.

Three.  The Donkey Show at Oberon.  Basically a nightclub comprised of theatre (Midsummer Nights Dream being performed in the club all around you), dancing, full bar, half naked go-go dancing men, and friends.  Also, completely paid for by the Techies Union - a club I belong to.

Excellent Saturday!
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