24 April 2013


Top: Topshop for Nordstrom / Jeans: Delias / Booties: Shoedazzle / Belt: Target
This is my last week of actual college classes.  In fact, I only have one more actual class tomorrow morning, and that's all.  Then next week is finals, and BAM.  I'm done.  Done, done.  Forever.  (Besides maybe grad school, but that's not for a while, and it's not the same.)   I wanna say it's been a weird week, but really, it hasn't felt much different.  Maybe this realization just hasn't kicked in yet?  Or maybe, I'm just so ready to graduate that it's not going to be weird until next year when I don't go back to school.  Yeah, that's probably what will happen.

Last night was the Senior Banquet for the theatre department, which was nice, and a little awkward.  Kind of like that thing at high school graduation where they show pictures of you when you were little and then pictures of you now.  Yeah.  Nice intentions and a good time, but awkward when it's for you.  I dunno, is that just me?  Anyway.

College is almost over.... wow.

By the way, I wanted to do a post on Pericles now that we've had tech and actually started performing for audiences, but since it's a professional production, there's all sorts of copyright stuff and I'm not allowed to take pictures of our show.  :/
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