01 March 2013

voices for now

Remember how I mentioned I was stage managing two shows simultaneously?  Well, this is the other one - a song cycle entitled Voices For Now.  I swear, "For Now" is like the theme of the semester.  Avenue Q's big closing number is called "For Now", the opening song for the song cycle is also called "For Now" (different song), and it's even in the title of the event.

Needless to say, it's something that's been in my mind a lot recently, and you know what?  It's actually a comforting thought.  I mean, unless life is going great for you, then the thought that it's probably just for now is depressing.  But for me, I have so much I'm looking forward to, and a lot of the now in my life just seems in the way of that.  But it's really been a great reminder that everything going on right now is only for now, and eventually, I'll get to that part that I'm really looking forward to.  Don't know how yet, but who does really?

Anyway, it's our closing night tonight, then I'm all done with shows for two whole weeks (including spring break!) before I start interning as Assistant Stage Manager for the Actor Shakespeare Project's production of Pericles.

Help me!  I won't know what to do with myself!
The concept of free time is foreign to me.
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