25 February 2013

I promise I'm not actually touching my boobs

Sweatshirt: Colonial Williamsburg / Chambray: J.Crew / Pants: AE / Boots: Enzo Angiolini

That awkward moment when you're pointing at the logo on your chest and it looks like you're touching your chest.... Yeah.  Story of my life right there.

You can tell if I've had to work in the morning if I'm wearing 1) these black jeggings, 2) some form of sweat material, 3) my hair is in an unstyled bun or ponytail, 4) I'm wearing absolutely no makeup, or 5) any combination of the above.  Today, it's all of the above.

Avenue Q is done and now I'm stepping headfirst into tech week and performances for the second show I'm working on - a song cycle performance for the theatre department.  Here's to another busy week, and even more, to the nice relaxing two weeks after this one!
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