05 March 2013

hello world, you're looking... grey

And as a result, this post has no visuals.

But to be honest, you're not missing out on much.

I feel like I've been shut in a windowless room for weeks (which to be honest, is actually pretty accurate), and today I've emerged into the world outside.  There is life outside the theatre... Yeah, I still have Avenue Q songs stuck in my head.  It's a hazard of working on musicals.  Anyway, it's like I've walked outside and even this bland, grey, windy city is awfully bright to my eyes.

I'll be truthful with you though - even though I officially finished with all theatre commitments on Friday, I didn't really experience the big outdoors too much this weekend.  I was spending most of it in my sweatpants, watching Breaking Bad in bed.  I did go with my friend to the nearby Air Force base while her parents were in town and we took advantage of her dad's military status to go to the commissary and the PX for some low-price, tax free groceries and goodies.  I bought Skyfall on DVD for only about $20.  Score.

So after a long day of work, class, and gallivanting about with some friends, I'm back in bed, and boy am I ready for bed.  Alas, I have to hold out a bit as it's only 5:30 and I work again early tomorrow.  No nap time for the weary, no sir.
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