08 March 2013

that groundhog is a liar

Remember when the groundhog supposedly popped up out of his cozy winter hole, took a look around, and reported back that he hadn't seen his shadow this year and so spring was on it's merry way to a town near you?
Yeah, he lied.

That little bi- I mean, really, does the above photo look like spring to you?  No, is the answer you're looking for.  And it's only gotten snowier.  As in, it snowed all last night and all day today.  And this also marks the beginning of our spring break, though someone needs to inform Boston of what spring break entails, because clearly, Boston doesn't know the meaning of the word "spring".

But the good news is... I'm going to Florida!  Yep, I'll be waiting all weekend and early next week for Wednesday, when I will happily sprint to Boston Logan in excitement and catch my plane down to warm, sunny Florida to visit my mom and my puppy.  Can't even convey just how excited I am to play with that little scamp in the Florida sunshine and drive the golf cart around as he chases it like a furry maniac.
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