10 March 2013

just call me... erm, I dunno, someone on the cooking channel

Stir-fry: Stirring, I can do.  No problem.  I'm an excellent stirrer.  Top notch.  Frying, however, I was not so sure about.  I probably am one of the least skilled people in regards to the kitchen ever.  Or I thought I was, but then, mother of all things food, I actually made a stir-fry!  And it was delicious!!

I cheated a little.
Asked my sister for help over the phone.
But still!

I'm used to having exact recipes for baking, which I can do because it's so specific.  Because cooking is a lot more subjective and experimental, it hasn't been as easy.  And I'm not sure how to really write down a "recipe" for this stir-fry because I don't remember exact minutes that I had things on this or that setting, etc.  But here's what I can tell you...

- red and green bell peppers
- yellow onion
- snap peas
- chicken (I used the frozen, pre-grilled strips since I didn't trust myself with raw meat)
- cashews (pre-roasted)
- pineapple
- teriyaki sauce

Basically, it was the veggies in a frying pan with a splash of olive oil over medium heat until the onions started to become translucent, then added chicken, cashews, and pineapple in that order (note that if you're using raw chicken, you should probably put that on first thing even before veggies so it cooks more).  Once everything was at the consistency I wanted, I added the teriyaki sauce - about half the average-sized bottle for the amount I made, which was maybe 4 servings.  Let it cook for a little more while I started the rice, then once it all looked good, turned it down to a low simmer until the rice was done.  I actually took it off the stove before the rice had finished because I didn't want it to get mushy, but use your judgement.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to stir.  :p

Put a big old spoonful or two over the rice and BAM.  Stir-fry goodness.  :)
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