09 February 2013

we found nemo

For those who didn't know, New England got hit with a winter storm, fondly dubbed Nemo.  Don't ask me how that name got applied - I didn't even know they had started naming winter storms.  Anyway, Nemo showed up right on schedule and graced the Northeast with his snowy charm.  This meant the past two days were spent indoors, stockpiled with snacks, some JD Honey whiskey (perfect for a few sips in front of the fire, er, TV while chatting with one of your best girlfriends), and a full-scale Sex and the City marathon.

I decided to abandon my dorm apartment as both my roommates were gone for the weekend and instead am staying with my friend Nicole, who also had her apartment to herself.  We ventured outside a bit today to play in the snow and walk around the neighborhood.  Snow angels were obviously a must.  The snow is just above knee-level on me - about two feet I'd say.  Perfect weekend to have these snow days since next weekend we start teching for Avenue Q.  Just under two weeks until opening!
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