06 February 2013

a collective account of last week as told by a series of short stories

 Sweater: So old I forget (maybe Old Navy?) / Pants: AE / Shoes: Vince Camuto / Earrings: also old - from senior prom(!) / Ring: H&M

Man in Theatre Lobby

So I'm at rehearsal, and I get informed there is a strange man in the lobby of the theatre.  As Stage Manager, it's something I deal with, so off I go to find a seemingly very stoned homeless bum hanging around and making actors uncomfortable.  I then proceed to spend the next 10 minutes saying I'm sorry but I have to ask him to leave, blah blah blah, as he responds with okay but then rambles on on a different topic.  I say I'm going to need to have campus security come and talk to him if he doesn't go, and he talks about five years in prison for stealing $50,000 and stabbing a dude.  He then says he wants an application to the school to better himself, and says go ahead an call security and tell them to bring an application.  Oh, and if they don't he'll have to respond with violence.  I say well, we don't want that, and give him the school's website so he can apply.  He leaves, and I return to rehearsal thinking, well that was interesting.

Debit Card

I'm at a meeting on Tuesday night for Avenue Q, and get a text from my bank saying they have detected fraud, and would I please call this number and give this code to verify my identity.  I do so, and am informed that a charge to a company in Connecticut was made that day on my card as well as an attempt to withdraw $900 at an ATM in Romania, of all places.  I say no, it wasn't me, and am instructed to destroy my card - they're sending me a new one to my home address in Seattle, and from there it will be sent to me here in Boston.  Until then, I am debit-less.

Liquor Store

I go to the liquor store around the corner from where I live to pick up some beers for the Super Bowl, etc.. and when I come to the front with my purchases, they ask for I.D., so I hand over my Washington State driver's license, and am told that they don't take out of state I.D.s and do I have a passport?  Um, no, my passport is back in Seattle.  I have cards with my name on them, but still, no beans.  So that was a waste of time and Massachusetts liquor laws suck (they don't even allow happy hours here!).

Rat Kicking

Walking through Boston Common after rehearsal one night and I feel my foot hit something, look down, and see a small rat land two feet in front of me and scurry away past my feet.  I had accidentally kicked a rat.  All I can say is thank goodness I was wearing boots.

Breaking Bad in Real Life

Taking the T on the way home from my friend's apartment one night, a man gets on and stands right in front of the guy sitting next to me, facing him.  They do they little handshake slap welcome thing that guys do, and when the hand of the guy next to me comes back from it, he's got a teeny tiny ziploc bag of a light blue-ish substance, which he proceeds to tuck into the backpack on his lap.  The guy who gave it to him gets off at the next stop (about three blocks away from the one he got on at).  I watch Breaking Bad - pretty sure it was meth.  And all I can say is, really, you couldn't have found a less conspicuous place to deal that stuff?  Idiots.
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