20 February 2013

floating heads and the epitome of laziness

Jacket: New Look / Dress: Ooh La Loft / Shoes: Shoedazzle / Scarf: handmade gift / Lipstick: MAC Russian Red

 So this face is what laziness looks like.  I started to put on a little makeup (lipstick), then I said screw it and went bare faced because I don't really care that much.  Honestly, the days I don't wear makeup outnumber the days I do lately.  And I kinda like it.

Also, this scarf was knitted and given to me by my friend, Carmen, who has some major skills.  It has saved me many a time this semester from the blasted (literally) Boston wind.  Boy, how I did not miss that sucker.  My favorite feature of the scarf would be the ability to make my head appear as though it is floating about unattached to my body.  Magic, I say.

Shocker of all shocking things, I'm off to another tech rehearsal for Avenue Q.  Post on that coming at the end of this week, I promise.  Cross my heart, pinky swear, and all the good stuff.

This post brought to you by Marion's Trend of the Month: black and white edition!  (Though I cheated a little and put on red lipstick because sometimes a girl just needs to be a little fancy for no apparent reason.  Also, I like color too much.  So sue me.)
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