29 December 2012

today we mourn the loss of my favorite boots

Top: Target / Jeans: Delias / Shoes: Shoedazzle / Hat: Nordstrom / Glasses: Walmart

I have, or rather, had this pair of brown boots {which you can see in the previous post} that I loved.  I'm more picky about the perfect tall brown leather boot than any other shoe, and these were perfect.  I'd been looking and looking, and last November I found these and fell in love with them.  What happened, you ask?  Well, I'd had them less than a year, and this summer I already had to get the soles repaired because there were cracks in both of them.  And then, this fall, I discovered that the leather on the heel area inside the boot was torn and shredded, exposing the structural elements of the shoe, and overall falling apart.  I'd like to point out that at this point, I'd had them for just under one year, not worn them anymore than one would normally wear boots, and when I bought them, I paid about $150 (they were on sale, normally at about $250) for a good brand and quality leather.

So I took them to Nordstrom today, where I had originally bought them, explained my case, and was told that I could either pay to have them sent to a third party repair place to try and fix them {no guarantees} or exchange them for a new pair of the same boot, but in a different color because they don't make the dark brown anymore.

It was such a hard decision, because these were the perfect boots in the perfect color!  Was I really willing to let them go and replace them with new ones that I was only just content with?  Well, since there was no guarantee that they could be fixed, and it would cost me money just to try, I sadly handed my beautiful boots over to the sales lady and wound up getting new ones in a dark greyish color.  Tears were very nearly shed right in the middle of the Nordstrom shoe department - as it was, I was definitely choked up about it.

A moment of silence for the loss of my perfect boots.
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