27 December 2012

this is what I wore on christmas

Sweater: H&M / Jeans: Delias / Boots: Enzo Angiolini / Scarf: Camden Market, London / Bag: AE / Lipstick: Revlon Colorstay in "Stay Currant"

So, yeah... though you should know that I got this lipstick in my stocking and now I'm obsessed with it.  Partially for the color, and partially because it does not come off.  Seriously, it will only come off with makeup remover.  I kid you not.

In other news, I saw the Les Mis movie last night.  As you may very well know by now, I'm Les Mis obsessed, and a bit of a snob about it.  So, to give a brief recap of my thoughts on the movie....

Anne Hathaway was the best part and stole the show.

Russell Crowe sounded like he was singing with a mouthful of Wonderbread (read: awful).

Hugh Jackman has a nice voice, but I think that a better Valjean could have been found.

It was a stroke of brilliance to have Colm Wilkinson as the Bishop of Digne and join in at the end for his famed final note.

The cinematography was stunning - Tom Hooper is a cinematic genius.

Aaron Tveit as Enjolras was a great choice.

I was skeptical at first of Eddie Redmayne as Marius, but he grew on me.

Amanda Seyfried, though breathy at times, made a bearable Cosette.

The child actors were brilliant.

Hadley Fraser should have had more material.

I still believe that the movie doesn't hold a candle to the musical, though the music is essentially the same, and just the voices are the biggest difference.  Has anyone else seen the Les Mis movie yet?  What are your thoughts?
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