19 November 2012

pony trekking through wales

This weekend I was in Wales on the Gower Peninsula, riding horses through the Welsh moorlands.

It was.  The Most.  AMAZING.  Weekend.

We stayed at Parc-Le-Breos bed and breakfast, which was the coziest and most beautiful place tucked away in the countryside of Wales.  On our first day after getting there, our whole group walked down to Three Cliffs Bay, which was a gorgeous little stretch of beach between some of the cliffs by the ocean.  We were served a three course homemade meal by the B&B for dinner, and once we'd stuffed ourselves into a coma, we sat on the floor in the living room by the fire and played Jenga.  After a few intense rounds, we headed back up to our room and lay in bed telling ghost stories until we fell asleep.

The next two days were each spent riding our horses through the Welsh moorlands all morning and afternoon, and on Friday night, we went into the town of Mumbles to walk around and visit a pub.  We covered over thirty miles on horseback, riding through herds of grazing sheep and massive cows.  We even passed right through herds of wild horses on several occasions!  They stood right by where we rode through, watching us, and over on a neighboring hillside, there was a group of them galloping around and playing - so much fun to experience!!  Plus, the views were absolutely incredible!!  I mean just look at those photos - from my iPhone!

Words cannot express how much I loved every darn minute I spent in the saddle.
It was like going home.  

I wish we'd been able to do more than just trot, because normally they would have let us canter about, but the rain from previous days had made it too muddy for them to let us.

I'm so sore from riding after such a long break from it, but it hurts in the best possible way.

I already miss it with a burning passion.

Hopefully one day soon I can get back in the saddle again on a regular basis...
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