15 November 2012

hey, guess what I'm doing this weekend!!

I'll be away for the weekend, riding on horseback through the Gower Peninsula in Wales!  I'm so excited for this, you guys, you have no idea!!!  Of course I'm bringing a camera so I'll come back with hopefully some truly awesome pics.  We're going to be riding on the beaches, through the woods, and over the hills, so it's gonna be a great variety.  Then we'll also be exploring the town our bed and breakfast is in.  Doesn't it look so cute?!

We leave tomorrow morning, so I'll be back next week with the updates, as well as some more regularly scheduled posts.  Sorry it's been so spotty on the blog here lately, but school and lack of any clothing that isn't yoga pants and a sweatshirt have made it difficult to post anything worthwhile.  So unless you reeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy want to know about the paper I'm writing or all the in depth details of my desk, I got nothin' this week.

Happy almost weekend loves!
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