30 November 2012

photo walk

Today was one of those days.  Nothing on the agenda, but I knew I'd be mad at myself if I didn't do anything and just sat in my room in my sweatpants all day.  So I sighed, put on some real pants, grabbed my camera and a big winter jacket (because it's near freezing here now), and went for a walk.  Armed with a gingerbread latte, I had a couple ideas of destinations and where I could go, but I couldn't decide, so I ended up doing neither and just going where my feet took me.

That turned out to be around the Outer Circle of Regents Park and down along the Camden locks - a good three or four miles total, I think.  It was a really pleasant walk.  Not really eventful or anything, but a nice bit of alone time without feeling like I wasn't being productive.  Though of course now I'm home, I'm back on my bed in my sweatpants and ready to indulge in Netflix and this lovely Snickers bar.
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