22 October 2012

Norway part one: Oslo

Well, after another little break there, I'm back again.  But this time I have a good excuse for being away...
I was in Norway!

I have family that lives there, so three friends and I went to Norway for the weekend.  I took so many pictures that I'm gonna have to split this into two posts again.  Three maybe, because I have the materials to make an outfit post from the trip.  Anyway, all these pictures are from our brief amount of time in Oslo.  We arrived late on Thursday night and stayed at a hostel, then had half of Friday to walk around before catching the train to where my family lives.

We were able to fit in so much because Oslo isn't really big at all.  We visited the Royal Palace, stopped at the Ibsen Museum, walked down to the waterfront and saw the Nobel Peace Center, wandering through a military fortress with amazing views, and climbed up the sloped roof of the Opera House to stand on the top.  And the colors around the city, you guys.... I mean these picture weren't really edited at all - they didn't need it!  The autumn colors were so rich and vibrant that I couldn't even believe it was real!  That's how I always feel when I'm in Norway, though.  It feels like I've walked right into a postcard or a painting.  Surreal and wonderful.  I was there during the winter last time when there was a ton of snow, and it was still just as spectacular.

I really, really love it there.
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