13 September 2012

world traveller

Top: Zara / Jeggings: AE / Shoes: Converse / Scarf: Nordstrom

This post being broadcasted to you from the semi-comfort of my dorm room bed, where I sit with lots of orange juice, some Dayquil, tissues, and Breaking Bad on Netflix.  That's right, I'm sick.  Fortunately, knock on wood, it's not too bad, and thankfully it's a weekend, but I'm not taking any chances and am putting all preventative measures into practice.

This week was very exciting though because my friends and I officially booked two of our trips for later this semester.  We'll be going to Paris the first weekend of October and Norway for the third weekend!  I am sooooo incredibly excited!  I took French all through high school and for a little while in college, so I'm glad to have the chance to put it into practice again.  Not using it at all for the past two years has kind of let a lot of it fall right out of my head.  As for Norway, I have family there, and went two years ago with my cousins, so I'm really excited to go back and visit with the relatives and say hi to everyone.  October certainly is shaping up to be a good looking month, and I can't wait to share it with you all!
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