14 September 2012

sick day no bueno

Well... I'm sick.  In London.  On a Friday.  While my friends go to Fleet Street to eat meat pies and get a shave.  Can anyone else say WTF?  I suppose it's for the best that it fell on a weekend and fairly early on in the semester, seeing as how all of October is so jam packed full of things that I need every bit of strength and energy I can muster that month.  So I guess I'm grateful for that, but as I sit here in bed watching Big Bang Theory and Breaking Bad surrounded by pillows, DayQuil, orange juice ,and water, I can't help but think about just how much I dislike sitting and doing nothing.  Sure, it's great and necessary to have a little time to relax every now and then, but I don't like wasting a whole day by myself and not going anywhere or doing anything.  This goes back to my need to be busy.  To have things to do.  Especially when I'm in London and have friends literally right across the hall.  There's no excuse to not be doing something.  Except being sick.  That's a valid excuse.  And I don't like it.

P.S.  Since I'm sitting here with all the time in the world at my disposal, I was poking around on my computer and found this little video from last spring.  It made me laugh, so I thought why not share the entertainment?  Besides, who can resist The Proclaimers?  Now excuse me as I go watch How I Met Your Mother for the next few hours.

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