12 September 2012

that time I sang karaoke

I don't sing.  Except for in the shower.  I'm famous there.  But otherwise, I don't sing.  Not that I have a horrible voice, but I'm nowhere near comfortable enough with it to sing in front of actual people.  Until Monday, that is.  I stood up and sang Bohemian Rhapsody with two friends at karaoke night.  I mean, it might be cheating since I was part of a group, and the whole bar was singing along at one point, but still... major accomplishment.

Fortunately {or unfortunately, depending on who you are}, karaoke nights are every other Monday, so perhaps one of these times I might get up and do a solo.  Might.  If you're lucky.  Or unlucky.  I don't know, that's TBD.
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