02 September 2012


Ohhh my goodness.

Between moving in to my room, getting to know my roommate and meeting a bunch of people, going through orientation, getting class stuff organized, getting internet set up, and seeing London with my dad and sister, I've had no time to post anything!  I still need to finish getting my room put together with a few final things, then I fully intend to take pictures and share the dorm room love.

In the meantime, here are some photos I managed to snap in the past couple days.  We saw Big Ben, and then went and took a tour of Westminster Abbey.  And holy cannoli!  Not only is the abbey HUGE, but so so beautiful.  They have an audio self guided tour you can do where you go through the abbey following the numbers while you listen to a tour guide on this phone type thing.  And let me tell you, walking down the main aisle through the nave and up towards the altar, I got chills.  I was just thinking wow... I almost felt like I got how Kate must have felt walking towards Will with her beautiful McQueen dress, all those people watching, and her actual real-life prince waiting for her.  It was just.... wow.  Like I said, chills.

We saw Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theater last night, and we were surprised and so excited to discover that most of the 25th Anniversary Cast from the Royal Albert Hall were still doing it!  So we got to see Wendy Ferguson play Carlotta, Gareth Snook and the other guy still playing the managers Andre and Firmin, and others.  Peter J√∂back was playing the Phantom, which we didn't realize beforehand, and he actually did a really amazing job {I was skeptical after hearing him at the Hall}.  There was a girl playing Christine who I didn't know, though Sierra Boggess, who played her at the Hall, is now playing Fantine in Les Mis at the Queen's Theater, so we're gonna try and see that.  And the guy playing Raoul... well, he was no Hadley Fraser, but he was actually pretty darn good!  I really liked him.  Those last couple pictures are my sister and I with the actors playing Raoul and the Phantom, respectively.

Anyway, just soooo much going on.  Classes start tomorrow and my family goes home Thursday, so I'm hoping to get back into a regular blogging schedule after this first week.  Got some fun trips already planned for the months ahead, so that's definitely something to look forward to, and I think I'm gonna try to do some more vlogs.  Especially if I'm going to have this much to say every time!  Geez, what a book.
Later mates!
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