10 September 2012


As I've mentioned, this first week was crazy insane and packed with so much stuff I don't even remember half of it offhand.  But there were definitely some highlights, which I fully intend to share right now!
  1. Seeing Les Mis in the West End, which is always something I've wanted to do - now I can say I've seen both the US re-imagined version, and the UK's version which is more in keeping with the original.
  2. Meeting Sierra Boggess, who is currently playing Fantine!  She was Christine in the 25th Anniversary performance of Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall, so if you haven't heard [of] her, you should go to Youtube right now to check that out.  She's amazing.
  3. I finally got my room all set up and all my things unpacked and put away.  Also, I just love our rooms here {except for the fact that ours is about 100,000 degrees because we're on the sunny side and have no air conditioning}.  We even have these cool non-functioning fireplaces, which even though they don't work, give the room a little personality and pizzazz!
  4. Abbey Road!!!  We went and saw the studios {unfortunately we couldn't go in} and did the obligatory road cross, which was quite difficult as there was quite a bit of traffic and many other people who wanted to get photos as well.  We decided we would go back in the earlier morning sometime to avoid the business, and also dress like each of the Beatles in the original photo.
All in all, quite a fantastic week!
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