15 September 2012

camden market

      A little while ago, one of the places I went and explored with some friends in London was Camden market.  Imagine a little shopping district with boutiques, street vendors, pubs, thrift shops, tourist shops, food stands, etc...  Let me tell you, the food area smells amazing.  Like booths selling crepes, indian food, pizza, baked goods, and every other delicious thing.  Also, there are tons of other little stands selling handmade leather bags, jewelry, iPhone cases {the ones made out of bamboo were my favorite}, clothing, area rugs, etc.
      One of the areas is called the Horse Tunnel Market, which is in this building that used to house horses.  It's literally stalls selling various items.  Seriously, vendors sell their things in their own horse stall.  It was so unique and such a creative concept!  I cannot wait to go back there if I have some spare change to spend on a souvenir.
      On our way back, we walked through Regent's Park, which is the park in which my school is located.  The park is huge though, mind you, so the campus only takes up a small percentage of it.  The last picture is a glimpse of our campus as we were heading back.  Such a beautiful area... I can't believe I actually live here!
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