19 September 2012

puppy love

Since I've been in London, I've been so busy with school, exploring the city, friends, planning trips, etc,  that I honestly haven't had time to really miss anything.  Until yesterday, when I had a sudden bout of longing for one thing back at home - my dog, Raleigh.

One of my favorite, and lately, most referenced blogs, The Londoner, had a post with her adorable little dog, Custard.  Custard reminds me so much of Rals, that I just couldn't help but miss the little guy.  Not much is better than those big brown eyes, wet little nose, and some puppy snuggles.

I wish I had some of those snuggles right now, but I'll have to settle for the pictures...
This one time, I was all comfortable curled up in the armchair, when he hopped up on my lap and proceeded to burrow around my back to poke his nose out the other side.  I'm convinced he was trying to get the chair, as I was unceremoniously pushed off of it.

P.S.  For all you dog lovers out there, have you seen this Facebook page?  I just discovered it.  It's full of so many heartwarming pictures and stories about service dogs and service puppies helping veterans and disabled people.  Such a great feel-good thing to look at.  Not to mention, cuteness overload.

P.P.S.  Speaking of cuteness overload, has anyone else spent hours looking at adorable things on Pinterest lately?
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