20 September 2012

socks with a side of crazy

K.  Guys... I have a story.  About my socks.  These {awesome {looking}} socks.

I got these at American Eagle last fall because they are so deliciously knit and cozy and Norwegian-Christmas-pattern-esque.  But they only came in that "one size".  As if one size sock could possibly fit all.  And they're knit - not out of a particularly stretchy material, either, mind you.

So putting these on... well, here's pretty much how it went down:

Me:  Alright socks, this is going to work.  Come on... come on...!
a minute later, sock #1 half way on...
Me: *through gritted teeth* This is going to happen if it's the last *grunt* thing *grunt* I do!
lots of panting and gritting teeth and repeating my "this WILL work" mantra until...
Me: HA!  Told you!

WHO?  Told WHO?

Me.  My socks.  Either way you spin it, I was either having a conversation with myself, or my socks.
While having a full on wrestling match with said socks, which I'm pretty sure I only barely won.
Somebody needs to take their crazy pills.
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