18 September 2012

notting hill

Sunday was strictly for the girls.  So we decided t'would be quite lovely to go on over to Notting Hill for a day of fun...
We drank tea/coffee and ate cake at a cute little café.

We walked along Portobello Road.

We popped into the shops and moseyed by the street vendors.

We stopped for gelato at Bri Bri.
{aka the cutest gelato place ever}

We took a lot of photos!
Guys, for reals, narrowing it down to these was the most difficult thing I've done all week.

Point of post - go to Notting Hill if you're in London.  I fully intend to go back.  In fact, I think it would be fun to rent a bike and ride around the area - so much more to see than just Portobello Road!
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