16 September 2012

8 things I learned today

Dress: Primark / Blazer: UO / Belt: H&M / Flats: Nordstrom / Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs / Ring: Tower of London

1.  Despite the fact that the doors were open and food was out at noon, apparently the refectory is not open for lunch until 12:30.
2.  Belts can fix almost any wardrobe dilemma.  They are the universal accessory.
3.  People are kind of idiots.  Especially when driving and an ambulance is trying to get through.  Move.  Over!
4.  It's going to be hell {literally} in winter when we have to bundle up in coats and sweaters and then take the tube somewhere.  The tube, where it's so hot that you sweat buckets even in minimal clothing.  Like I said, hot as hell.
5.  Some of the best cafes are in Notting Hill.
6.  I need to watch the movie Notting Hill pronto.
7.  I can't bring myself to eat lamb.  It is the one meat I cannot and will not try.  Well, that and ludafisk, but that's another story...
8.  Here in London, we need Fourth Meal in our lives.  It simply won't do to not eat anything after 5:30 pm.  Darn you, refectory, for closing so early.  Don't they realize college students, especially American ones, need late night food?  The answer you're looking for would be "no".
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