30 September 2012

my saturday was da bomb, how was yours?

Yesterday, most of our group of friends went on the school trip to Isle of Wight, which I wanted to do, but didn't get signed up in time.
Also, I'm poor.

So my three remaining pals and I made a day of it.  We packed a lunch and walked to Primrose Hill, where we sat and had a little picnic and photo op moment.  Primrose Hill is just steep enough that when you're at the top, you can see out over a lot of London - it was gorgeous, and the day was sunny and surprisingly warm.  There were so many people out with their dogs {the one in that picture above was unbelievably adorable, so I had to be a creeper and grab a photo}, and this one group of people who were skateboarding down the hill.  It was fun to watch them get going really fast and then totally wipeout on the grass halfway down.

After lunch, we went to Oxford Circus to shop for my friend Jason.  I'm in my element when I'm shopping, and he needed the help, so it was splendid.  At least, I thought so, but apparently none of them were quite as enthusiastic as I was.  Ho hum, pig's bum.  We bought him some nice things and then walked down to the Thames River, where we grabbed dinner and got these amazing nutella and banana crêpes from the street food festival that was going on.  They made them in front of us, batter and all, so when we got them, they were freshly made and piping hot!  SO delicious!!  We eventually mad our way back to the school, got into our sweatpants, and played Monopoly for the rest of the night.

We know how to partay on a Saturday, let me tell you.
It was definitely up there in one of the best days I've had in the month I've been here.
{Can you believe I've been here a whole month already??}
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