08 August 2012

atomic photo bomb

I mean would you just look at the grossly huge number of photos I've just dropped on you?
The atomic bomb of blog photos, it is.  Sheesh.

Anywho, we went into Healdsburg yesterday, in the heart of wine country, and walked around the town square, popping into the different shops and boutiques, taking photos of the various things around the town, and getting lunch at a little French place called Restaurant Charcuterie, where I had the most delicious salad and nutella crepes.  I said, nutella crepes!  WHY have I not thought of making these before??  Because I would quickly become obese, that's why

In other news, I officially do not trust gmail.  Why, you ask?  Because I never received an email from the stage manager of Les Mis who I'm supposed to be shadowing, resulting in my missing the performance I was going to shadow for.  When I emailed her again yesterday after two days of not hearing from her, we found out that I had never gotten her reply to my original email from Sunday, and therefore we now have to find another performance this week, which at this point doesn't seem guaranteed since they are looking pretty booked.

If I can't do this job shadow after driving all the way down here and taking the whole week off work to do so, I swear I might cry.  Then I'll get very angry and sue Google for their crappy email service.  Who knows how many other emails I might have never gotten?  I know I never got one that my cousin who we're staying with allegedly sent while we were on our way down here.  And this is the email account all my study abroad emails are being sent to, so if I miss one of those, that's definitely not good!

Like I said, I'll sue.
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