02 August 2012

you can't see me, but I'm waving my hand and asking for help

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So, I have to start putting together a packing list for when I'm studying abroad, and my rough draft looks something like most of my closet.

Obviously, that can't happen.

I'll be living in London for three and a half months, from September through mid-December.  So obviously, I'll be needing more than just a suitcase you'd pack for vacation, but I also can't bring my whole closet, because
  1. I'm living in a dorm,
  2. I have to take it all from Seattle to London on a plane, which means...
  3. ...I'm only allowed one checked bag for free {though I'll likely/definitely end up paying for a second checked bag}, and
  4. I really can't ship much stuff because that's expensive and a hassle.
Also, I'm sure I'll end up buying things abroad, in which case I need to think ahead and plan on leaving room for things to come back with me.

My point?

I have no idea how this is gonna happen.
In theory, I have it all worked out, but the reality is that I am a heavy packer.

So I need help.

Has anyone packed for a long term thing like this?  Do you have advice and tips for what and/or how to pack?  Anyone living in London who can give me an idea of what I'll need and what I won't need?  I'll take anything I can get, guys.

And I'll definitely be posting on this topic occasionally over the next month as I try to accomplish this as practically as possible, considering this is me we're talking about...
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