01 August 2012

what if I said I found a pair of jeans as comfy as the softest sweatpants?

Top: J.Crew / Jeans: Anthropologie / Sandals: Steve Madden / Necklace: Nordstrom BP

Would you believe me?

If you don't believe, let me change that.

I made the mistake {is it a mistake if you find your new favorite wardrobe piece ever?} of going into Anthropologie "just to look".  Then, I made the bigger mistake of trying on something I loved but really shouldn't love because it's so expensive {ahem, these jeans}.  But in all seriousness, I couldn't be more glad that I did it, even though my wallet is screaming like it's been subjected to the Cruciatus Curse.  Because these jeans are so soft!!  I want to sleep in them, eat in them {carefully}, play in them, lounge in them, drive in them, and any other verb imaginable in them.

So, moral of the story... well, there really isn't one.  But if you can justify it, go get these jeans.  Like now.  Because they are wonder jeans.

Also, I should mention that I have been looking for a pair of bf style jeans that I love for a while now, and these fit the bill to a tee.  Just in case you needed a better justification than "sooooo comfyyyyy!!"
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