23 May 2012

in which I own a maxi skirt

Sweater: Delias / Skirt: Old Navy / Necklace: Nordstrom BP / Shoes: TOMS

I bought a maxi skirt.

That statement is something I never thought I'd be able to say for a couple reasons.  First of all, I have an issue with length, and any maxi skirt/dress I'm gonna wear must be longer than ankle length.  Like skimming the floor.  Second, I just never liked them that much.  Sure, other people wear 'em just fine, but they were definitely not for me.
So I thought.

When I started to actually consider purchasing a maxi skirt, I had some requirements.  First of all, I wanted something slightly more on the fitted side.  Not too flowy.  Second, I wanted a soft material, like jersey.  Third - length, length, length!!  I cannot say how hard it was to find one that not only I liked, but was also long enough.

Enter this skirt from Old Navy.

It was jersey.
It was fitted.
It came in long sizes!

I ordered it, fell in love, and now we live happily ever after.
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