30 April 2012

week in color

  1. Yellow wall and pink chairs {source} - such a bright and fun living space!
  2. Representation of a sunset on a white model in my lighting design class - it was even more stunning in person.
  3. Yellow dresser {source} - I'm obsessed!  Can you tell I like bright furniture?
  4. A painted wall I found in a little parking lot across from the residence hall {you can also see it in my previous post}.  It's got the color-blocking trend down.
  5. Logs turned into colored pencils {source} - part of a project to help people see the beauty of color in the most mundane things.  I kind a want to do this somewhere, but I'm not sure if it would be considered vandalism?  Or copyright infringement?
  6. The back side of the Boston State House.  I just love that even such an official government building can incorporate a little color in it's facade.  {P.S. It's a brighter yellow in person - like butter.}
  7. Pops of neon in a neutral room {source unknown} - I'll take that pillow, please.  And the chair.  And the glowy picture thing.
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