18 April 2012

dear blackberry

Dear Blackberry,

I know sometimes we didn't get along, but it was few and far between.  When it comes down to it, you were the best phone a girl could ask for.  You with your beautiful shiny black and silver surfaces, smooth rounded corners, easy to use keyboard and system, and your trackball {which is something these new kids sorely lack}.

But the time has come to put you into retirement.  I don't want to, but you're showing signs of age whether you want to or not {I certainly wish you wouldn't}.  I would have stuck with you, you wonderful Blackberry, but they don't have any just like you, and I won't settle for less.

This is iPhone.

Please don't be jealous of her.

I will always love you, and remember you as being the most amazing phone and gadget friend.  I'll miss you.

I really do love you,
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