11 March 2012

that one time I went to new york and never slept

As I mentioned previously, I agreed to go to NYC with my friend while she auditioned for The Voice.  We left on a 10 o'clock bus out of Boston on Friday night, arriving in NYC around 2:30 am.  We went into this diner on the street corner until about 4, when we left to get in line at the convention center, which didn't open until auditions started at 7 am.  This meant waiting outside for about three hours, let me tell you something - it was cold.  The temperature wouldn't have been quite as bad if it hadn't also been super windy.  Finally {right before I was sure my feet would fall off from frostbite and my legs would be permanently frozen} they let us inside.  Family and friends weren't allowed to stay with those auditioning, so I waited downstairs in the cafeteria.  This would have been fine, and it was still better than outside, but the building was air conditioned to an unnecessary degree.  The bathrooms were the warmest place, and I assure you, I considered camping out in there a few times.  Then when my friend came back about two hours later, we decided that we were in no shape to be hanging out in the city - we were freezing cold, and without sleep.  So, we bought a bus ticket for 10:30 online, and skedaddled to Penn Station.  Well, let me tell you that Penn Station is a train station only - no buses leave from there, even though that's where we'd been dropped off.  When we finally got to the bus station, we literally visited about four different counters over the next two and a half hours, talking to about ten different people, all who told us to do something different.  We missed our bus, couldn't get our ticket switched, and finally just waited for a 1 pm bus to take us home.

I can't even tell you how nice it was to get home, take a hot bath and watch Firefly on Netflix, get in my pajamas, and be in bed and asleep by 9:30.  I didn't even get up this morning until 11, which including the daylight savings hour, means a glorious thirteen hours of sleep.
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