09 March 2012

awkward and awesome friday

I bet you're wondering why I have a photo of Times Square up there.

Well, being the spontaneous-ish person that I am, I agreed to go back {duh!} with my friend who's auditioning for The Voice tomorrow in NYC!  We're catching a bus tonight at ten, then hightailing it to the city that never sleeps. {Appropriate choice of words, eh?  Eh?  Because, erm, we won't be sleeping much.  You get it.}

  • Waking up at four am to a mysterious and invisible thing in my eye.  First, how does one manage t get something in their eye when they're asleep?  And second, ouch!  My eye was bloodshot and watering like crazy - I'm sure I looked quite scary.
  • Getting compliments on my red hair, but then the complimenter proceeds to watch me for several minutes...  Ummm, can I help you?
  • Fried ice cream.  I don't understand how it works, but it does,which makes it... kind of awesome?
  • Now that I'm done with the show, I have a lot more free time than I have all semester, which you would think would be awesome, but somehow, it feels slightly {dare I say it?} boring.  And yet, I'm still grateful for it.  Which is why it's mostly just awkward.
  • A "customer" {who we decided must be a homeless man - he was in a pretty rough, erm, dirty shape} take out a bottle of alcohol, spill all over the floor where he's sitting, then pass out in a drunken stupor on the counter he's sitting at.  It was unfortunate on multiple levels.

  • One of my coworkers brought some lovely yellow daffodils to work today and set them up on the windowsill by the bar.  A nice little bit of spring to admire while fervently wishing the rest of it would stop slacking and just make a full on appearance.  For good - or at least until summer.
  • It's officially spring break!  Cue happy dance arm.
  • I'm going back to New York!  More happy dancing.
  • TWICE!  Full on happy dancing.

Be back on Sunday, probably to rave about New York.
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