26 March 2012

meeting Fran Kranz

Okay, first of all, excuse the awkwardness that is me in this picture.  The blasted wind today was crazy and my hair in this picture is reminiscent of the mullet {aka hair crime so bad it should get you fined}.  

It's just not a good photo, except...

... for the fact that Fran Kranz is in it!  Next to me.  With his hand on my back.  Cue awesomeness all around, despite horrible hair and everything else.

For those of you who don't know who Fran Kranz is, I'll just say he played my favorite character, Topher Brink, on Dollhouse.  And he was here in Boston at the movie theater right around the corner to promote his new movie, Cabin in the Woods.  We weren't able to get in because it filled before we got there, but we ended up staying and watching a different movie, then waiting after as the other theater emptied.  He walked right past us, and I kind of awkwarded out of saying anything, but when we left and walked right past them, my friend spoke up to him and I ended up getting a photo.

Score on two counts!

1. For getting a photo with Fran Kranz.
2. For having an awesome friend!
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