24 March 2012

awkward and awesome friday: one day later

  • T-shirts that are plain in front, but then have ruffles all over the back.  Personally I can't help but see this as a metaphor for a hairy back.
  • Going to concierge because we ran out of toilet paper and having the lady tell me to just steal a roll from the lobby bathroom.
  • When I looked confused, said concierge lady leading me to the bathroom and handing me two rolls of toilet paper, then telling me to just smuggle them up.
  • Talking really intensely/quickly and accidentally spitting a bit {or a lot}.  I saw it, and I'm sure they saw it, but does anybody acknowledge it?  No.
  • Sun, sun, sun!!  And warmth, warmth, warmth!  We're talking up to 80 degrees here - in March!  I can't even tell you.
  • My family came out to visit for a couple days!  I haven't seen them since early January, so it was awesome to hang out with the family for a bit.
  • The primary reason they all came out here: to see Les Miserables at the Boston Opera House, which was as amazing as I remembered from Seattle!  I especially love Jeremy Hays as Enjolras and Andrew Varela as Javert.  Les Mis has forever been my favorite musical, and my dream is to one day work on it in one capacity or another, whether as Stage Manager or stage crew.  One day.  Dream the dream, right?
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