30 March 2012

let's just talk about how awesomely crazy this week was

Saw Les Mis three nights in a row, four times total in Boston, five including the one time in Seattle.  And  I may not be done yet.

Got a picture with Joseph Speildenner, who plays Grantaire.  In't he cute?

Ran into Jeremy Hays (Enjolras) in the elevator and told him he was awesome.  Which was awesome.

I got an awesome grade on my history midterm.

Fell down twice today within 3 minutes.

Huge hair as a result of washing, drying, teasing, and wearing in a topknot for five hours.  We're talking Hairspray big hair.

I ate yummy sushi for dinner last night.  I mean yummy.

I have soooooooo much work to do for this final month of school that it makes me want to magic it done.  There's a spell or magic word for doing homework, right?

I finished a certain application, and am turning it in tomorrow.  Excitement, please!

A fun-filled weekend ahead with plenty-a-post to make up for the gap.
And because I got a lot in my head right now that needs out.
Out, out, out.
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