21 March 2012

do you hear the people sing?

Because I sure can!  It's a heavenly choir, also known as the currently touring production of Les Miserables.  Which is my favorite musical of all time.

Favorite.  All time.

I saw this exact show in Seattle with my sister and cousins last summer before I moved to Boston, and loved it.  I grew up as a child listening to the music and watching the 10th Anniversary Concert, so to see it in Seattle was very special.  And then I moved here, and immediately checked to see if they'd already performed in Boston.  They hadn't, and as soon as tickets went on sale, I snatched those babies right up.  My parents and sister are flying in tomorrow and we're all gonna go see it Friday night!

I may or may not also be seeing it next Wednesday... {and by "may or may not" I mean I definitely am}

Now excuse me as I go sing on my own.

Haha, On My Own, get it?
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