28 January 2012

awkward and awesome friday: suffolk idol style

P.S.  The middle guy won - he was sooo good!  And the girl on the left had such a cute outfit!  I want her shirt.  And boots.

Tonight I worked as Technical Coordinator for Suffolk Idol (SU's version of American Idol) where students can sign up to sing, and it gets narrowed down to three, then a winner.  The winner gets to sing the National Anthem at one of the Celtics games in February!  How cool, right?  There were also some performances by Seriously Bent {the SU improv team} and Wicked {the dance team, which mostly does a lot of hip-hop, and is really good and fun to watch}.  Wicked will also be performing at the Celtics game - that's how awesome they are!

Now hows about some Awkward & Awesomes?...

  • Trying to open a door that seems locked, and then someone else comes up behind you and pulls it right open.
  • Your feet getting wet inside your boots, and, upon examination, finding a giant crack in the sole.
  • Duct taping the bottom of the sole of those boots because of said crack.  {I really like these boots... and I'm a poor college student.}
  • Realizing almost too late that you're getting off the elevator at the wrong floor, so you pretend it's what you meant to do all along, then wait for another elevator.  Anyone else? No? Just me?
  • Showing up to class at 1:30 ish, knowing you're a couple minutes late, then finding out later in class that it starts at 1, not 1:30, and you were a whole half hour late.  Whoops...
  • Trying to take a photo of yourself for an outfit post.  It doesn't work.  {I can't wait for my tripod to get here!}
  • My history class.  Nobody talks!  I don't mind speaking up in class, but I don't want to be the only one!  And the teacher tries {she's personable and fun} but nobody speaks up.  It makes me sad that it's such an awkward class, because it has potential to be actually good!

  • Speaking to the Board of Trustees on behalf of the show I'm stage managing.  See this post.
  • TC-ing Suffolk Idol.  It was so fun to watch the performers!
  • Taking a quiz that you think crap, I bombed that one after, only to have the teacher collect them and say just kidding, these don't count!  {slightly annoying, but mostly just awesome}
  • Suspenders.  One of my friends has started to wear them a lot recently, and it makes me very happy.
  • The fresh-tossed salad bar at one of the Suffolk cafes.  So delicious, fresh, healthy, AND it's on my meal plan, so that's like free, right?
  • Asking what bold coffee they had on brew at Starbucks, and hearing the {magical} reply of Christmas Blend!  Music to my ears, and so unexpected!
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