28 January 2012

10 tidbits

  1. I enjoy eating ice cream out of cups rather than cones solely for the reason of eating with the little sample spoons.
  2. Coke is better than Pepsi.
  3. Neil Patrick Harris makes me wish I was a gay man.
  4. Ellen Degeneres is the funniest person I've never met.
  5. I salt my steak to some degree no matter how it's prepared.
  6. I've never dyed my hair, nor do I intend to {until I start going gray}.
  7. Friends was perhaps the best show to ever air on televison.
  8. I am extremely arachnophobic.
  9. I can't straighten my left arm all the way.
  10. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest spoiled me in terms of seafood, so I am very picky about it.
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