20 January 2012

awkward and awesome friday - the first week back at school

  • Entering a classroom with literally no available seats, except the couple that people have put their stuff on, and don't offer to move it so you can sit down.  Rude.
  • Going into designer stores.  Especially Chanel.  Why?  Because the employees stare at you like hawks and even go so far as to "discreetly" follow you around as you look at the pretty things. {Disclaimer: right, as if I could afford Chanel!  But I would like to have the option to feast my eyes if I so please, thank you.}
  • wind blowing at 50 mph and nearly blowing you away.  also, that annoying thing that happens to your eyelid when the wind is really intense, and it feels like it's being blown off your eye.  Whoever dubbed Chicago "The Windy City" has obviously never been to Boston...
  • Someone walking just far enough behind you that it seems rude not to hold the elevator door for them, but awkward to hold it for what seems like forever while they get there.
  • On the subject of elevators {I could go on and on...}, attempting to make small talk with the one other person in it, only to have them look at you like you just got out of the mental institution.  Thanks, I was just trying to be nice...
  • Riding the elevator in silence is just as awkward, by the way.
  • Having a bit of a stuffy nose in class.  Please excuse me as I blow my nose into this Kleenex.  It's a natural body function and it's not like I'm being gross, so please stop looking at me like I'm an alien, thank you very much.

  • Being back at school and seeing friends {two of which are featured in the photos this post}.
  • Having your director mention more than once in the first few rehearsals how impressed he is with your stage management skills, and how awesome you are.  Makes a girl feel good!
  • Being told you look beautiful, even if it is an old homeless man who said it.  A compliment is a compliment!
  • Having Fridays off to write these blog posts {I truly enjoy getting to do it!} and lay in bed and watch Gossip Girl while doing everything I need to from my computer.  Sometimes, you just need a lazy day.
  • Chips and guacamole.
  • Sleeping in - I don't get to do this often because of work and class, so I'm excited to be able to sleep in or the next couple days.
  • My classes!  Besides the fact that my earliest class this semester is 10 am {yay!}, three out of four are theater classes, and the other is American History, which I quite enjoy.  Good course load this time around!
  • The show I'm working on.  Such an awesome group of people, and we're really making good headway even though we've only had three rehearsals so far!  I can't wait to see this evolve more, and that's one of the many reasons why I love what I do.
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