14 January 2012

awkward and awesome fri... erm, saturday


  • Me in this picture.  I have the worst luck taking pictures because my eyes always close right as it takes it.  And there wasn't even a flash!
  • Voldemort hugging Draco in the final HP movie.  Can we please just all take a moment to appreciate the awkward? {http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fdO4Y8q5Dc}
  • Taxi cab rides.  To talk to the cab driver, or not to talk?  One never knows...
  • Pushing the door that says on a big sign to pull the other door.  Yes, I'm aware it was obvious, and I'm aware I can be a moron when it comes to obvious things, thank you.
  • Peanut butter from your bagel sticking to the roof of mouth and your teeth.  Especially when eating it at a crowded bagel shop, where this issue is, I'm sure, apparent to the other customers.
  • Seeing the Applebee's commercial promoting their steaks, and outwardly stating you have no idea why someone would order a steak of all things at Applebee's {"I would never...!}, then being a complete hypocrite and ordering the steak and shrimp dinner thing when you go for dinner {which, by the way, was absolutely delicious}.


  • NYC
  • Toasted wheat bagel with real, chunky PB and sliced banana.  So ridonculously delicious that it makes the sticky PB problem worth it.
  • Alan Rickman.  'Nuff said.
  • The fact that I actually got to meet him, stand right in front of him, speak to him, have him speak back...  It was all surreal and I'm still awestruck.
  • The play that he's in on Broadway.  It's called Seminar, and I highly recommend everyone checks it out!  I'd go see it again if I were here longer!
  • Lily Rabe, one of the lead actresses in Seminar, who is absolutely fantastic.
  • And finally, even though I could go on about this play, the playwright, Theresa Rebeck.  She's brilliant.  Might be a new fave.
  • Shopping in NYC!!  Topshop (the only one in the US, I might add), Zara, Sak's 5th Ave, etc, etc,...
  • Mood Fabrics.  I don't sew or anything {so not that skilled}, but even I was impressed!
  • Did I mention NYC??
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