25 March 2014


Oh hey y'all, what's new?  I'll tell you what's new with me - a shit ton of stuff, that's what.  Let me just recount the major points of what has happened in the past 10 days...
  1. I started a part time job locally as an office assistant/secretary.
  2. I got hired at iFly in Orlando, so now I commute an hour to the best job ever.  I mean, come on, now my indoor skydiving addiction is my career!
  3. Still working in theatre (also my career) on the production of Cabaret - opening in two weeks!
  4. Let us take note that, so far, this means I'm juggling three jobs.
  5. My sister is here!!  Spring break for her means she's come to visit!
  6. Tomorrow morning we leave for NYC!  We'll be gone tomorrow through the end of the week and back on Saturday morning.
 This means I won't be posting a ton for the next couple weeks, at least until Cabaret finishes, but I will definitely have some awesome posts from New York in the next week!  SO EXCITED GUYS!!!
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