01 February 2014


Okay, so I was really excited and proud of myself because I had a bunch of freshly edited photos in neatly organized little folders on my computer for a nice handful of posts that I was ready to write and queue up... And then my computer died.  And guys, I mean it died for good.  My sturdy old MacBook went to sleep and never woke up.  I took it to the Apple store and the log and short of it is that I need a new computer.  So no posts for a few days at least.  I'm leaving for Florida on Tuesday, and I'm hoping to order a new computer and have it shipped there so I can be up and running on the internets again in a week or so.  But until then, I am computer-less.  The good news is that they can take the hard drive from my old computer and transfer it to a new one so I still have all my photos and documents!  So there's that.

Also, fun fact, apparently my old computer is old enough to officially be classified as "vintage".   (Does that mean it's worth money because, uh, I gots a new computer to buy over here...)
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