29 October 2013


So I meant to post this following the Auschwitz post, but then I had my final night in London, a train ride up to Glasgow (in which I had feelings and opted to post about leaving instead - in the moment and all that, ya know), and a day there before flying back to Seattle.  I've now been back in Seattle for a few days and getting my bearings, so here I am again to finally post the final part of my Poland trilogy - Warsaw!

I'll be completely honest - I preferred Krakow.  Warsaw was lovely, don't get me wrong, but it was really just a huge metropolitan city.  I felt that Krakow much more culturally interesting, and if I were to do Poland again, I'd skip Warsaw and just do Krakow.  However, I am glad I went, because it's one thing I can cross off my bucket list.  And to be fair, Warsaw did have some awesome parts.  I am mainly speaking about the Old Town.  I'd have to say that was my favourite part of Warsaw - the multi-coloured buildings all squished together and the cobbled streets all held that charm that drew me to Poland in the first place.  I only spent one night in Warsaw, and that was enough for me to see the Old Town and walk around the city a bit, but that was all I really needed.

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