Nearly a week and a half ago now (I know, I'm a slacker... I prefer the term "procrastinator" though, because hey, I'm getting it done aren't I?), I went to Cambridge.  The Globe actually has a few touring companies, one of which is King Lear, and they were doing their last outdoor performances in the Master's Garden of the Corpus Christi College at Cambridge.  So, of course, with the weather being so nice in England as of late, I booked myself a train ticket and spent the day in Cambridge.

I arrived around noon, and spent a little time walking around the market in the square and along the shop lined streets near the garden where Lear was performing, and popped in to grab some quiche and salad for a picnic lunch while I watched the show from the lawn of the garden.  When I went in to get lunch though, after I had ordered take away and sat to wait, I thought it would be a good idea to use the loo there before the three hour show.  I went back up to the counter and as I opened my mouth to ask where the toilets were, before I could even get any sound out, the guy was like "down the stairs and to the right".  I replied with "sorry?" and he said "the restrooms".  Now it kind of seems stupid and pointless that I'm telling this story, but the point is that I thought it was funny that 1) he knew what I was going to ask, but more specifically, 2) that he said "restrooms".  They don't say that here.  The term "restroom" is incredibly particular to America, and here they say "toilets" or "loo".  So I thought it funny that he knew I was American and adjusted the lingo accordingly.

After catching the Lear matinee, which was very good but honestly quite long feeling, it was about 5pm when I left the garden.  I had really wanted to get a waffle from the market in the square that I had seen earlier, but when I got there, the market was closing up, and goods being packed away until the next day, so no waffle with nutella and bananas and powdered sugar for me.  Cue the sad face.  :(  With disappointed taste buds, I decided I would walk around and eventually come across a cute little cafe or something where I could get a pastry and some tea or coffee.

Well, I walked.  And walked and walked.  In no particular direction but where my camera lens decided to take me.  And it took me to a gated, shady, green-tinted, absolutely gorgeous entrance into the University of Cambridge.  I walked down the long drive to the bridge over a lazy river, where students operated gondolas for people to take a ride in.  The sun was out, the river was sparkling blue, and trees a nice healthy, leafy green - it actually felt a lot like the University of Washington: British Edition.

Eventually, I wound my way through the campus and back to the main part of town, where I walked along and snapped photos of all the beautiful old buildings.  Also, if you haven't already noticed that basically every other photo has a bike in it.... well that's because there were bikes EVERYWHERE.  Literally resting against every gate, and being ridden by probably one out of every three or four people.  Safe to say Cambridge is a cycling kind of town.  Also, I've realized that I actually quite like photographing bicycles.  And doors.  But that's another story.  Or not really a story, because that's pretty much it - I like taking pictures of bikes and doors.  Moving on.
And here would be a door photo.  I'm sure there must be at least one in every post recently.  Surely this needs to become some sort of game, or challenge.  A door for each place I visit.... Hmmm, ideas....  AND OH MY GOD there's also a bike in the photo.  Just noticed that.  It's like a photography version of peanut butter and jelly - two good things, one sandwich.  (....)
 Anyway, after the photo/sandwich comparison I just made, I clearly need to wrap this up and get some coffee or something.  So basically, I got back on the train round 7pm and met up with Kelly in London for our last night together before her internship ended and she left for the States.  We met up and ate pizza in Trafalgar Square, got cream tea at a late night cafe, and walked down along the Thames to Westminster where we said our goodbyes (for now), and headed home.  Miss you, Kelly!!  <3 br="">

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