22 August 2013


There are a few blogs I follow that are London-based, or written by people in and around London, to get ideas for things to see and places to go.  One of these is The Londoner.  Rosie always is a reliable source for the happenings of London both on her blog and on Twitter, especially if you want to find the best burgers in London.  But more on burgers later.  When she posted about Skate Kings Cross, an 8-week long pop-up roller skating disco just behind Kings Cross station, I was all over it.  So I pitched the idea to my friend, Claire, and we headed over to Skate Kings Cross last Friday for some roller skating fun.

I'll admit, even though I was very excited, the closest experience I've had to roller skating has been ice skating, which I fail miserably at.  Needless to say, both myself and my bum were a bit apprehensive...
We started off by making best friends with the railings.

Steadily, we grew brave enough to test our clumsy legs a bit (Claire faster than I, I'll admit).
And eventually we were able to say goodbye to our friend, the railing, and get ourselves around using just our wobbly legs.  I made it a whole two laps without grabbing onto anything, and more importantly, without falling!
Soon after getting the hang of it, we decided we had had enough skating and worked up enough of an appetite for some burgers and fries.  Now here's the big confession: the original drawing point to go to Skate Kings Cross was not actually skating.  No, it was the Roller Disco Burger.  Not to say I wasn't excited about the skating or anything, but man, when I read about this burger and saw the photos... well, it was my stomach that led me to Skate Kings Cross.  So thanks, stomach.
A delicious concoction of bun sauce, pickled onions, oozing melted cheese, and a pineapple bacon jam (!) on top of a juicy rare breed beef patty and nestled between two perfect pieces of bun.... oh man.  My mouth is watering just remembering it.  And the chips were delicious as well.  Perfect thickness and with just the right amount of salt.  It was incredible.  We stuffed ourselves to the brim, and stood for a moment to let it digest, watching the late night skaters doing their thing in full on disco garb of afros, bell bottoms, and all the rest.  Really brilliant Friday evening!

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