14 July 2013


Every Tuesday I look forward to grabbing a copy of that week's edition of Time Out London.  It's a simple pleasure, I know, but really, that magazine is just so handy!  Bored?  Check Time Out London and you're guaranteed to find something to do.  One of the things I had remembered reading about were these, I dunno, walking tours I guess?  Basically an organized group that would meet in the early morning hours to catch and photograph the sunrise as the group walked from Point A to Point B.  Now, I'm not about to pay to join a walking tour, especially just a photo walk, when I can grab Kelly and we can do our photo walk thang, ya know? (Don't let me ever say "thang" again.  Please.)  So I suggested we photograph the sunrise sometime.  She was game, as I knew she would be!

Now, the Globe does this thing called a Midnight Matinee.  Each of the three main shows gets one, and it's literally just a showing of the performance at midnight.  I wasn't about to miss out on it, especially since this one was Midsummer Night's Dream, and how perfect is that to see on a warm summer's night at Shakespeare's Globe at midnight?  Pretty damn perfect!  So what we ended up doing Friday night was catching the midnight matinee of Dream, then sticking around for the after-party in the theatre (which apparently went until half past ten next morning!), before heading out to walk along the Southbank towards Westminster, taking in the dawn and the peaceful serenity and emptiness that is so uncommon in that area.  It was truly magical.

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