20 July 2013


(All photos from the Shakespeare's Globe Facebook album)

Last night was Press Night for Gabriel at the Globe - the big night!  Gabriel has been the show that we've been working primarily on while I've been here, and the sheer size of the project and all that entails was the main reason I was invited to come intern.  But before that leads to some news I have, I just want to try to put into writing how incredibly proud I am of this production.

Gabriel has been the one show while I've been working at the Globe that I've seen through from basically beginning to end.  Granted, I missed out on the pre-production of it all (obviously the show has been worked on in one capacity or another all year, from it's conception).  But as far as actual rehearsals and the main production process, I've been here for all of it.  From the Meet & Greet and first rehearsal, through to Tech Week, previews, and now Press Night - I've seen and worked on the whole process.  To see this collection of unassembled, disjointed parts become a final, recognizable product is the best part of working in theatre.  It's not just one person putting different things together, like connecting the Lego pieces to make a building.  It's multiple groups, each crafting and honing their own highly specialized elements, to come together and have, with a bit of fine-tuning, a whole new thing built from all these different specialties.  It's absolutely incredible to even conceptualize, let alone actually see happen.

But back to Gabriel especially, I couldn't be more proud and excited about this project!  The sheer amount I've learned while working in the music department on this show combined with the awesome fact that I'm actually a part of producing a show at Shakespeare's Globe of all places in incomprehensible and surreal.  Not to mention the people I've had the privilege of working with - not only the team at the Globe, but Alison Balsom, Trevor Pinnock, and a slew of actors in various shows I've become acquainted with.  I love being here, and I've loved being a part of this indescribably amazing production.

That said, I am incredibly happy to share some very exciting news!

I've been asked to stay on for the remainder of the season!!

This means I'll be continuing as the Music Intern through October, and working on wrapping up the productions we currently have going as well as the couple more that have yet to debut this year.  I'm so grateful to Dominic, our Artistic Director, and Bill, my boss, the Director of Music, for wanting me to stay and for giving me this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!  I am the luckiest girl alive.
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